Day 2



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Continue working in your HomePages!

Please participate in the following HTML tutorial/informative websites and complete the following questions.

1. Visit HTML Help and HTML Goodies along with any other additional sites you can find on your own to answer the following questions.

A. What is an ISP?

B. What does HTML stand for?

C. Which header tag will give you the smallest font size?

D. What is the tag used at the beginning and end of text that you want centered?

E. What does HR stand for and what does it do?

F. What is the beginning tag used to produce a numbered list?

G. What code would you use to add a link to this page?

H. What code would you use to add this jpg or gif to your website?

I. Now use the image in H to give me the code to use it as a link?

J. When using a form, what is the code that will ensure information submitted will go to you?

2. Below are some additional HTML websites that I would like you to explore. Give me some examples of what you found helpful. Which ones did you like the best and why?

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Writing HTML
Learning HTML by the Tags Tutorial
Web Development Resources

See you next week.

If you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail me at Have a good week! Mrs. Ley

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