Day 3

HTML Continued....
(Let's get fancy)


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Continue working on your HomePages!

Last week we visited several HTML websites and learned some HTML basics. Below are more websites regarding HTML. After you have researched these sites, please answer the questions below.

HTML Goodies
Dave's Site
The Web Design Resource
HTML Guides (Links)
To Create a Website
HTML Tutorials
Classroom Tutorials by Ken
HTML Source
Tips, Tricks, How to, and Beyond
Bassem's HTML Tutorials

1. List at least ten additional HTML tags (other than the ones we covered in Week 1) and what purpose they serve.

2. Report on at least five interesting facts regarding HTML that you found interesting. Be sure to include the URL addresses and names of the websites that you found this information.

3. Which three websites were your favorites (include URL's and names) and why?

4. List at least three websites that you found in addition to the ones listed above (include URL's and names) that you felt were helpful and why?

See you next week.

If you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail me at
Have a good week! Mrs. Ley

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