Day 4



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Continue working in your HomePages!


1. Visit Image Do's and answer the following questions.

A. What should you do before using an artist's animation or graphic?

B. Why is it inappropriate to link directly to an animation or graphic?

C. Who owns the rights to the elephant pictured on this website? Check out Kitty Roach's page before answering.


When finding a graphic that you'd like to use on your HomePage follow these instructions for saving and uploading.

* Right click on the graphic of your choice. Save it to your floppy.
* Keep the name simple, meaning....all lower case and no spaces.
* Go to your Tripod housekeeper and choose the "upload" option.
* Follow the instructions from Tripod.

1. Review the HTML tutorial at HTML an interactive tutorial for beginners and complete the following.

A. Go to Nutrocker and pick out something from the information and links there to use on your HomePage. Tell me what you found.

B. Visit Animation Factory, Free Graphics, and Cool Archive. Upload at least ten graphics, backgrounds, etc. that you think you might like to include on your HomePage. Supply me with the tags you will need to use in order to get them to appear on your website in the space below.

2. Below are some additional websites containing information on grahics that I would like you to explore. In the space below, give me some examples of what you found helpful, which ones you liked the best and why?

Animation Station

A-1 Clipart Archive


1. HTML Goodies is a great site for learning how to include sounds on your HomePage. After you have looked over this site, answer the following questions.

A. If you use EMBED, you should always follow it with what command? Why?

B. If you have a sound you'd like to place on your website, what format should it follow? Give me an example.

C. If you say that you've embedded a sound on your page, what does that mean?

D. What is the difference between a "true" loop vs. a "false" loop?

2. After reviewing the sound links at HTML Goodies, choose at least two sound files from Tripod that you could include on your HomePage. In the space below, write the HTML code for each.

See you next week.

If you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail me at

Have a good week! Mrs. Ley

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